Event Category: Mezcal Cocktail

Mezcales en Osamil

Join us at Osamil durin Mezcal week to try our two mezcal featured cocktails for $12 each!!!
“Exotica” with Del Maguey Vida Mezcal & Caravedo Pisco Torontel & “Oi Rita” with Del Maguey Mezcal Vida.

Montelobos Presents Mezcal Week Zihuatanejo at LOOT

Montelobos in colaboration with LOOT: Surf and Life Style will be presenting Mezcal Week by shaking five refreshing locally made cocktails at The Rooftop restaurant on playa La Ropa.

Cocktail Menu:
1. Zihua Zanka: Montelobos Espadin, fresh coconut water, mint infusion
2. Mezcal Tonic: Montelobos Espadin, fresh coconut water, coconut bits, tonic Water
3. Jamaiquina: Montelobos Espadin, infusion de jamaica, jugo de naranja
4. Aires de Mezcal: Montelobos Espadin, grapefruit juice, rosmary infusion, grapefruit air
5. Botin: Montelobos Espadin, Velencia melon juice, cardamom,, grapefruit air

Come by LOOT to try out this special cocktail menu between 6 pm to 10 pm from November 4th to the 11th!

Montelobos Presents Mezcal Week Zihuatanejo at Angustina

Angustina is a gastronomic and cultural concept that revolves around Gurrero’s culinary traditions. Angustina and Montelobos are joining forces to concoct a local sensorial experience to invite everyone to be part of Mezcal Week! The cocktail menu has been created by Antonio Meneses to feature seasonal “Zanka” flavours to acompany his delicious local menu!

Cocktail Menu:

Zi-HUA: Montelobos Espadin, Lychee concentrate, guayaba juice, mint leaves

CHICAL: Montelobos Espadin, chilate, white vermouth , water

MEZ SUZE: Montelobos Espadin, Suze, Orange Zest, Campasúchil petals, tonic

JAMEZ DIGAS QUE NO! Montelobos Espadin, jamiaca concentrate, gunababa juice

Mezcal Week at Casa Maya Grill

Enjoy the Mezcal Week feature, the “Oaxacan Cutie Pie” with Montelobos Mezcal, Ancho Reyes, Orgeat, Pineapple & OJ.

Mezcal en Cayo Hueso

We love Mezcal at Agave 308. Swing by during Mezcal Week or anytime and try the vibrant “Gaia Picante” or a neat pour of Montelobos Mezcal!

“Gaia Picante”
Montelobos Mezcal, Ancho Reyes Verde, Jalapeño, Cilantro & Fresh Lime.

Finding Mezcal

Please join Del Maguey and Prizefighter for a special Mezcal Week edition of Mezcal Monday with Ron Cooper, November 5th from 6-8pm!

Ron will be at Prizefighter enjoying a few copitas and signing copies of his book, Finding Mezcal. If you don’t already have a copy, books will be on sale at the event!