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Artemisia + 7 Misterios

Lets celebrate Mezcal week at Maison Atemisia with Los Siete Misterios, enjoy a cocktail or have a mezcal shot at a fancy price. just for mezcal fans. come join us and share us a pic.

Mezcal Week at Vera Cruz

**Happy Mezcal Week** Enjoy $10 Guava/Pink Peppercorn Sombra Margaritas, $8 Sombra Mezcal lime Margaritas, and $5 Sombra Mezcal Shots. Now through November 12!

Mezcal Week at Mezcalito

Featured Cocktails



Charlie Chapuline

Pineapple infused Union Mezcal, Dolin Blanc, Tepache, pineapple

Oaxacan Old Fashioned

Union Mezcal, Ron Zacapa 23yr, honey, house-made xoco bitters, Mayan gold dust

Hibiscus Agrio

Union Mezcal, hibiscus, lemon, egg whites, elderflower, angostura



¡Join our Locker Program this week, and get 10% off these selected Mezcal bottles!

Marca Negra : Tobala

Vago: Ensamble en Barro by Tio Rey

Machetazo: Papalote

El Jolgorio: Pechuga

Pierde Alma: Tobasiche

Piedre Almas: Conejo

Mezcal Week Barcelona

Come and experience “The Route of Mezcal”
Stage by stage discover the differences between Mezcals and taste them all. Start with Cultivable Agaves, pass through Ensambles and finish at Wild Agaves.
Find surprises such as our macerated Mezcals.
Mezcal Houses: Real Minero, Koch El Mezcal de Oaxaca, Rey Zapoteco and Río Revuelto.

Mezcal Week

Celebrate mezcal all week long with specially priced flights featuring a different mezcal line everyday! And join us for a special edition of our weekly Mezcal Monday for complimentary tastes of Del Maguey Mezcal from 4-6pm in the Butterfly Bar!

$12 Mezcal Flight (*Three 1/2 oz pours)
Sunday 11/5: Mezcal Vago
Monday 11/6: Del Maguey Mezcal
Tuesday 11/7: Wahaka Mezcal
Wednesday 11/8: Mezcales de Leyenda
Thursday 11/9: Fidencio Mezcal
Friday 11/10: Nuestra Soledad
Saturday 11/11: Siembra Métl
Sunday 11/12: Ilegal Mezcal

Sabina’s Magic Mezcal Carpet

Lets celebrate Mezcal week in the Beautiful city of Oaxaca with Sabina Sabe and Los Siete Misterios, we put together an amazing a 3 mezcal flight just for mezcal fans including Artisanal and Ancestral, and a special cocktail created for this amazing week. If you are in Oaxaca, don’t forget to visit Sabina Sabe and share us your best pic.