September 8-15, 2020


It may be a special mezcal cocktail, a talk about mezcal, an awesome new plate, a flight of mezcal or whatever really expresses how amazing mezcal is.

Mezcal Brands

Put your ambassadors and distributors to work to engage your accounts through drinks specials, product launches, industry trainings, and more! What about a palenque tour, or an interview with a mezcalero via Facebook Live?


Think pairings, think cooking with mezcal, think of all the ways mezcal has inspired you and use that to inspire your customers to explore the world of mezcal.


Get those creative juices flowing and think about flights or special cocktails to highlight for a week.

Retail Outlets

Show off your stock and put you mezcal bottles front and center for the week. Offer customers special pricing, create themed gift baskets that highlight themes like regionality, agave varietals or mezcal cocktail starter kits.

Mezcal Week is worldwide!
Pictured: Mamasita in Melbourne, Australia.
Ghost Donkey Vegas celebrated Mezcal Week last year with Montelobos and Fidencio Mezcal.
Is it #MezWeek yet?
Pictured: Mezcal cocktails at Tres Gatos in Boston.


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Celebrating Mezcal around the world in 2020. From talks to tastings, cocktails to pairings, this year’s line up of Mezcal Week events includes something for everyone. Check below to see what’s happening near you!

United States



Mezcal Week (September 8-15, 2020) is a celebration of mezcal that takes place in bars, restaurants, and cultural institutions everywhere. By coming together as a category, we will make mezcal the center of the universe for one whole week– and you decide on the best way to celebrate mezcal for one week. Sign up to take part in the celebration and we’ll promote you, send you artwork, and ensure you are part of an incredible mezcal moment.


Mezcal Week is a project of the Mezcal Collaborative, a member association dedicated to responsibly increasing category growth, building a common education platform, and creating the high impact marketing campaigns that mezcal deserves. All proceeds from Mezcal Week will go toward this project.

Thank you to our founding members:

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