Female Mixology Art / El arte de la mixología femenina

We are a female entrepeneur company of artesanal mezcal, produced by women (maestras mezcaleras) in the small town of Axaxacoalco, in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. It’s typical to have a small glass of mezcal here in ‘la tierra del mezcal’ every morning.

The mezcal’s brand name is Rebocato and it’s made with 100% agave Papalometl, original of the region. Papalometl comes from ‘papalotl’ in Nahuatl which translates to ‘butterfly,’ because of the shape of its leaves; wide, like the wings of a butterfly. Its scientific name is A. cupreata meaning ‘copper agave’, due to the color of its thorns.

The artesanal process of our mezcal consists of manually cutting the agave heads, cooking them under hot regional stones (piedra azul) in a hole using three local woods (encino, palo dulce and fresnillo), naturally fermenting it and distilling it twice in copper bowls. The mezcal comes out with 50% alcohol volume. It has a nice smoked taste and wood and earthy characteristics on the palete.

As a company we want to support and pair up with female businesses in several industries such as the food and cocktail industry. Hence, for Mezcal Week we are looking forward to share different recipes and tips using our mezcal and the knowledge of international female mixologists and female chefs on our IG and FB feeds @mezcalrebocato

Axaxacualco, CL 40194