Montelobos Presents Mezcal Week Zihuatanejo at Angustina

Angustina is a gastronomic and cultural concept that revolves around Gurrero’s culinary traditions. Angustina and Montelobos are joining forces to concoct a local sensorial experience to invite everyone to be part of Mezcal Week! The cocktail menu has been created by Antonio Meneses to feature seasonal “Zanka” flavours to acompany his delicious local menu!

Cocktail Menu:

Zi-HUA: Montelobos Espadin, Lychee concentrate, guayaba juice, mint leaves

CHICAL: Montelobos Espadin, chilate, white vermouth , water

MEZ SUZE: Montelobos Espadin, Suze, Orange Zest, CampasĂșchil petals, tonic

JAMEZ DIGAS QUE NO! Montelobos Espadin, jamiaca concentrate, gunababa juice

70 Paseo del Pescador
Zihuatanejo, Gro. 40890