The Aromas of Mezcal

Take a multi-sensorial journey into the agave fields of Mexico. Kelly + Jones presents an all-new way to experience the aromas of Mezcal with a fragrance collection that captures the mystical nuances of the spirit.

Eau de Mezcal – a luxury, gender-neutral fragrance collection created in the agave fields of Oaxaca and made to pair with Mezcal. Each bottle is made with over 50 essential oils and naturals, and hand-poured in the Catskills.

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Mezcal Negra is a blend of Smoked Woods & Mystical Spice
Smelling Notes: Sonoran Pine | Black Lime | Guaiacwood | Cajeta | Clary Sage

Mezcal Blanca is a blend of Sheer Citrus & Solar Resins
Smelling Notes: Peppercorn | Palm Leaf | Oaxacan Sea Salt | Juniper | Star Anise

Mezcal Roja is a blend of Desert Bloom & Warm Minerals
Smelling Notes: Cacao Blossom | Corn Silk | Vetiver | Ocote Wood | Oak Barrel

A portion of every sale goes to Programa Vaca ( This Mexico-based organization is helping to rebuild in the country’s earthquake-affected rural areas with sustainable architecture and natural materials, for long term, positive human impact.

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