Virtual Cocktail Class With Mezcal Unión

Cocktails With TalkTales brings you their new educational FREE virtual classes, featuring the bar industries leading spirit experts. These virtual classes deep dive into single spirits from local, small batch and craft distilleries.
This week will feature the brilliant, Adhel Martinez from Union Mezcal. Adhel resides in Los Angeles CA, she is professional bartender and a master of her craft. Through the years behind the bar, Adhel has explored spirits and crafted incredible cocktails. She fell in love with Mezcal and started her exploration on the subject 5 years ago. Since becoming one with this nectar of the gods, Adhel has traveled through Oaxaca, met the mother land of this incredible spirit and is now collaborating with the responsible and sustainable brand Unión Mezcal.
Message From Unión Mezcal.
“We look for micro distilleries that want to work with us and we provide them knowledge and investment. We also promise to buy their finished product. That way they become entrepreneurs (not employees) with a client who guarantees buy their product; their income becomes sustainable.In the production of mezcal we search and support producers with investments in the development of their palenques (land where mezcal is produced), with the intention of increase their production volume, always taking care of a 100% artisan process based on good practices and good caring of the ecosystem.Together these factors guarantee farmers and producers sustainable income and on average 25 times more than other working models.We are constantly planting Espadín, Tobalá y Cirial agaves. Agave grow slowly, but our goal is to be able to use exclusively the agaves we have planted. We take care of genetic variety of the agave and with good agricultural practices we avoid soil erosion.”
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You will receive a welcome email within 24 hours with a list of ingredients for the Unión cocktail we will be crafting virtually together.
Get those ingredients safely! If getting specific ingredients are difficult, we can make suggestions for substitutes that you may already have in the pantry. Email in advanced with any difficulties and a Cocktails With TalkTales team member will email back suggestions.
Once you register for the class the Zoom meeting code will be emailed over.
Set up your camera in a location with space to shake and get your tools and ingredients set up before the class starts.
A cocktail shaker (protein shaker)
A jigger (or measuring device)
A muddler (or a back of a spoon)
A bar spoon (or spoon)
A hawthorn strainer (or a mesh strainer)
The TalkTales team thanks you for going

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