What’s in your mouth? An Agave spirits blind tasting

Think you know agave spirits? Can you taste the difference between agave roasted in a brick oven or earthen pit? What about an espadin versus a cupreata? Or a spirit distilled in copper versus clay? This is your chance to put the pedal to metl and test your agave palette knowledge. Join Khrys Maxwell of Tequila Fortaleza and Susan Coss of Mezcalistas and The Mezcal Collaborative as we taste through eight agave spirits from all over Mexico at Littleton’s Adelitas Restaurant on Saturday, September 14th from 11am till 1pm. Not only is this a great way to test your knowledge, it’s also a great way to learn how to taste differences in flavor from agave, region to production style. And while we crown a winner with a unique bottle of an agave distillate, it’s really more about the fun in learning.Ticket is all inclusive and also includes light snacks and a special copita.

2609 West Main Street
Littleton, CO 80120