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Mexico in a Bottle San Francisco 2018

Mezcal: Mexico in a Bottle was founded in 2014 by Susan Coss and Max Garrone who also write Mezcalistas. We were inspired to create a grand mezcal tasting partially because we just love mezcal; if you read our blog you already know that, if not it’s time to get started because we’re serious evangelists.

This year’s Mexico in a Bottle San Francisco will be larger than ever before with more brands, more bottles, and all the variety of food, cocktails, and tiendas that you’ve grown to love. We’ll close the door on Mezcal Week 2018 yet again with the biggest and most diverse mezcal tasting in the US. Join us!

Make Mine With Mezcal

Nido celebrates Mezcal Week with Mezcal El Silencio Espadin! Sometimes, all we need in a cocktail is this caramelized pepper, smokey flavor to balance-out the sweet, sour and savory. Try these variations of classic cocktails and you may just find IT’S BETTER WITH MEZCAL!!

Cocktail specials all week!

Mezcal Week Barcelona

Come and experience “The Route of Mezcal”
Stage by stage discover the differences between Mezcals and taste them all. Start with Cultivable Agaves, pass through Ensambles and finish at Wild Agaves.
Find surprises such as our macerated Mezcals.
Mezcal Houses: Real Minero, Koch El Mezcal de Oaxaca, Rey Zapoteco and Río Revuelto.

Mezcal Week

Celebrate mezcal all week long with specially priced flights featuring a different mezcal line everyday! And join us for a special edition of our weekly Mezcal Monday for complimentary tastes of Del Maguey Mezcal from 4-6pm in the Butterfly Bar!

$12 Mezcal Flight (*Three 1/2 oz pours)
Sunday 11/5: Mezcal Vago
Monday 11/6: Del Maguey Mezcal
Tuesday 11/7: Wahaka Mezcal
Wednesday 11/8: Mezcales de Leyenda
Thursday 11/9: Fidencio Mezcal
Friday 11/10: Nuestra Soledad
Saturday 11/11: Siembra Métl
Sunday 11/12: Ilegal Mezcal

Chef´s Choice by Tomás Bermudez

Mexican gastronomy is outstanding.
Rich for its variety, techniques and flavors.
When it comes to seafood in Mexico City and Guadalajara, all eyes and palates turn to “La Docena”: The best oyster bar in town, headed by Chef Tomás Bermúdez.

It’s known that the best pairing for mezcal, is more mezcal…
So we feel honored to participate in this special menu, created and curated by Chef Tomás, to highlight the essence of mezcal, in a romantic dance between mexican spirits and gastronomy.

Join us in this experience dedicated to mezcal.
November 8
8:00 pm

– Introducing a new cocktail by Mezcal Meteoro + Special Pairings by Mezcal MarcaNegra –

COME – DRINK – LEARN with Mezcal MarcaNegra

A Mezcal-infused enviroment.

Imagine a river, crossing between a small town and its
main mezcal production site or “palenque”, as they call it.
We are in the southern Oaxacan Sierra.

Crossing that shallow creek, you will find the Mendez
Family’s palenque, in which the new young masters,
deliver the same traditional product as their forefathers.

A delight.
Made to enjoy.
Bottled and presented by Mezcal Marcanegra.

Two of the youngest mezcal masters of the Mendez Familiy will be hosting
a brief, yet satisfying chat and taste session at the Liquor Store, in the
classic Colonia Roma, in the heart of Mexico City.

Come. Drink. Learn.

November 8 / 8:00 pm
The Liquor Store – Orizaba 203, Roma
Mexico City