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Mezcal Week 2018 at Port Fonda

Join us for Mezcal Week 2018 at Port Fonda! We are teaming up with Del Maguey this year to bring mezcal to all of you. We will be featuring two specialty cocktails: Our ‘Mezcal-Gin Gimlet’ ($12) uses an in-house infusion of Del Maguey’s Vida and aromatic gin botanicals (juniper, cardamom, corriander, lemon peel). Paired with fresh squeezed lime juice and a little sweetner, this cocktail is sure to be an easy-drinking crowd favorite! We took a more Autumnal approach with our second specialty cocktail, the “Oaxacan Hot Chocolate” ($10) which features Del Maguey’s Crema de Mezcal to add smoke and sweetness to a mix of Christopher Elbow’s Mexican Drinking Chocolate and a house-made pioncillo-spice syrup. Once it’s hot and ready to go, we top it with a chile-infused whipped cream.

If you’re more into the integrity of the individual expression, we will also be featuring two tiers of Del Maguey mezcal flights, each including three 1 oz pours: Flight 01 ($15) will consist of Santo Domingo Albarradas, Minero, and Chichicapa. Flight 02 ($25) will include the rarer agave varietal expressions of Tobala, Wild Papalome, and Arroqueno.

We will also throw in complimentary traditional mezcal bar snacks with purchase of any Mezcal Week specialty cocktail OR Flight option, and they will also be available to purchase on their own throughout the week.

Battle of The Bartenders, Mezcal Week Edition

Mezcal El Silencio cocktail competition at Civility & Unrest celebrating Mezcal Week with Seattle/Bellevue’s bartending talent! Secret ingredients, celebrity judges.. prize includes menu feature with winning cocktail recipe, and all-expense paid LA vacation for exclusive day of the dead/ holiday party at the Mezcal El Silencio headquarters!

Mezcal Week at Oyamel

We will be doing different mezcal flights everyday.
Details on flights will follow.

Mezcal Week at Xico

Xico believes that Mezcal is very much a food forward spirit. Xico will be celebrating Mezcal Week with specially curated small bites paired with three specially selected Mezcales. Join us for this incredible Mezcal Experience!

Flores Tasting Flight for Mezcal Week

Flores will be offering a mezcal flight structured by proof and style throughout Mezcal Week for $32. Here’s the flight:


Wahaka Reposado con Gusano 40%

Aged: 6 months in re-charred American oak barrels

Agave type: Espadin, harvested after 7-8 years

Color: It is a Golden shade.

Distillation: Twice distilled on copper stills.

Mill: Crushed in tahona.

Palate: notes in a slightly smoother & delightfully caramel complexion.

Tosba Espadin 45%

Aged: 0 months

Agave type: Espadin harvest after 10 years

Color: Clear bluis .

Distillation: Pure copper

Nose: light with a smooth long lasting citrus

Palate: Citrus and fruitiness with a smoky agave taste.

Mill: crushed in tahona.


Alipus San Luis 47%

Aged: 7 years

Agave type: Espadin

Color: A bright clear color.

Nose: Notes of herbal and smoky.

Palate:Mineral and pine wood tastes.

Mill: Ground in a Chilean mill pulled by mules.


Koch in olla de barro 48.5%

Aged:7 years.

Agave type: Espadin joven

Distillation: Olla de barro


Nose:Sweet and fruity.

Palate: Slight taste of coconut ,followed by tones of herbs and spices.

Mezcal Throughout Mexico

Mezcal is Mexico’s Blood!!!! Lets taste the different flavor profiles from different regions of Mexico, from the southern part of the country Oaxaca, Guerrero, to the pacific Michoacan, to the north San Luis Potosi. Join us at El Rancho Grande in Providence.