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Flores Tasting Flight for Mezcal Week

Flores will be offering a mezcal flight structured by proof and style throughout Mezcal Week for $32. Here’s the flight:


Wahaka Reposado con Gusano 40%

Aged: 6 months in re-charred American oak barrels

Agave type: Espadin, harvested after 7-8 years

Color: It is a Golden shade.

Distillation: Twice distilled on copper stills.

Mill: Crushed in tahona.

Palate: notes in a slightly smoother & delightfully caramel complexion.

Tosba Espadin 45%

Aged: 0 months

Agave type: Espadin harvest after 10 years

Color: Clear bluis .

Distillation: Pure copper

Nose: light with a smooth long lasting citrus

Palate: Citrus and fruitiness with a smoky agave taste.

Mill: crushed in tahona.


Alipus San Luis 47%

Aged: 7 years

Agave type: Espadin

Color: A bright clear color.

Nose: Notes of herbal and smoky.

Palate:Mineral and pine wood tastes.

Mill: Ground in a Chilean mill pulled by mules.


Koch in olla de barro 48.5%

Aged:7 years.

Agave type: Espadin joven

Distillation: Olla de barro


Nose:Sweet and fruity.

Palate: Slight taste of coconut ,followed by tones of herbs and spices.

Mezcal Throughout Mexico

Mezcal is Mexico’s Blood!!!! Lets taste the different flavor profiles from different regions of Mexico, from the southern part of the country Oaxaca, Guerrero, to the pacific Michoacan, to the north San Luis Potosi. Join us at El Rancho Grande in Providence.

Mezcal Week Barcelona

Come and experience “The Route of Mezcal”
Stage by stage discover the differences between Mezcals and taste them all. Start with Cultivable Agaves, pass through Ensambles and finish at Wild Agaves.
Find surprises such as our macerated Mezcals.
Mezcal Houses: Real Minero, Koch El Mezcal de Oaxaca, Rey Zapoteco and Río Revuelto.

Mezcal Week

Celebrate mezcal all week long with specially priced flights featuring a different mezcal line everyday! And join us for a special edition of our weekly Mezcal Monday for complimentary tastes of Del Maguey Mezcal from 4-6pm in the Butterfly Bar!

$12 Mezcal Flight (*Three 1/2 oz pours)
Sunday 11/5: Mezcal Vago
Monday 11/6: Del Maguey Mezcal
Tuesday 11/7: Wahaka Mezcal
Wednesday 11/8: Mezcales de Leyenda
Thursday 11/9: Fidencio Mezcal
Friday 11/10: Nuestra Soledad
Saturday 11/11: Siembra Métl
Sunday 11/12: Ilegal Mezcal

COME – DRINK – LEARN with Mezcal MarcaNegra

A Mezcal-infused enviroment.

Imagine a river, crossing between a small town and its
main mezcal production site or “palenque”, as they call it.
We are in the southern Oaxacan Sierra.

Crossing that shallow creek, you will find the Mendez
Family’s palenque, in which the new young masters,
deliver the same traditional product as their forefathers.

A delight.
Made to enjoy.
Bottled and presented by Mezcal Marcanegra.

Two of the youngest mezcal masters of the Mendez Familiy will be hosting
a brief, yet satisfying chat and taste session at the Liquor Store, in the
classic Colonia Roma, in the heart of Mexico City.

Come. Drink. Learn.

November 8 / 8:00 pm
The Liquor Store – Orizaba 203, Roma
Mexico City