Event Category: Mezcal Flight

Del maguey mezcal tasting

On 9/10 from 6-7:30 we will be hosting a private event with limited tickets for a Del maguey mezcal tasting. We will feature 6 different del maguey mezcal and heavy hors d’oeuvres.

Mezcal Education with Del Maguey

On 9/14 from 5-8 we will be having representatives from Del Maguey Mezcal in house to talk about and pour some delicious single-village mezcals. We will also have three new cocktails, featuring Del Maguey, Metiche, and Domingo mezcals.

Asadero Mezcal Week

We will be running a special drink menu for Mezcal Week September 11 through September 15. We will be featuring flights, cocktails & a great variety of Mezcals. This Oaxacan spirit pairs wonderfully with our Mexican themed steakhouse & we can’t wait to share our love of this spirit with our guests!

Las Vegas Mezcal Week @ Santos Tacos

We are doing special for the following mezcal offerings:

$5 copita de Ilegal Mezcal (see pic)
*inclues Sangrita. ( Sangrita its a customary partner to a shot of mezcal, non alcoholic fresh juice that cleanses your palate between each mezcal sip.

$10 Santos Margarita ( El Silencio Mezcal Margarita ) made fresh!

$9 Taco pairing + Mezcal Copita
* Pairing mezcal with our handmade tortillas tacos featuring Oaxacan style guisados (mole negro, cochinita pibil, carnitas, birria or tinga)

Hasta Ver La Cruz

Starting September 8th in honor of our first Mezcal Week, our bar team at Poca Madre has chosen to feature a different line of Mezcales each day to not only honor, but also celebrate some of the best in our business!

Sunday – Del Maguey
Chichicapa / Minero / San Luis del Rio Azul

Monday – Mezcal Vago
Elote by A. Garcia / Madrecuixe by E. Jarquin / Ensamble en Barro by Tio Rey

Tuesday – Mezcales de Leyenda
Oaxaca / / Oaxaca Edicion Limitada

Wednesday – Rezpiral & Women in Mezcal
Capon con Frutas / Tobala / Arrequeno
*Ask about our other Maestras

Thursday – Siembra Spirits
Siembra Metl Cenizo / Siembra Metl Cupreata / Don Mateo Alto

Friday – El Jogorio
Espadin / Tobala / Cuixe

Saturday – Almamezcalera y Mezcalito Pal’alma
Puebla Espadilla / Additional Region / Pechuga
*Last Two Bartender’s Choice

Following Sunday – Siete Misterios
Espadin / Mexicano / Tobala

Mezcal de Leyenda Flight with Mexican Chocolate

Rosa Mexicano is Celebrating Mezcal Week
Sept. 8th – 15th

Sniff, Swirl, Salud! We are honoring generations of fine artisanal mezcal with our flight of Mezcal de Leyenda paired with house-made chile-infused Mexican chocolate, sal de gusano and orange slices.

Flight Includes: Mezcal de Leyenda Guerrero, Durango and Puebla.