Mezcal Week at American Elm

American Elm Mezcal Week
Thursday, 10 Sept. through Tuesday, 15 Sept. 2020

Cocktail Menu

Naked and Famous ▪ 14
Mezcal Vago Espadín—Joel Barriga, Aperol, Chartreuse Jaune, lime, grapefruit
Shaken and served up in a coupe
Reserve: Del Maguey Chichicapa Single Village
Mezcal Espadín ▪ 18

Sunshower ▪ 14
Mezcal Vago Espadín—Joel Barriga, aloe, lemongrass, lime, cucumber, basil
Shaken and served long in a Collins glass

Midnight in Mexico ▪ 14
Mezcal Vago Espadín—Joel Barriga, Fernet Vallet, Nixta Corn Liqueur, Ancho Reyes
Stirred and served on a large rock


All flights come with three 1 oz pours.

Mezcal Vago Espadín ▪ 14
Mezcal Vago Espadín: Joel Barriga, Emigdio Jarquín, and Aquilino Garcia’s Elote Espadín

Mezcal Vago Rare Mezcales ▪ 22
Tobalá—Emigdio Jarquín, Tepeztate—Aquilino García, Ensamble en Barro—Tio Rey

Del Maguey Rare Mezcales ▪ 22
Boca del Cero Espadín, San Jose Rio Minas Espadín, San Pablo Ameyaltepec Papalote

4132 West 38th Avenue
Denver, CO 80212

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